Who we are?

Talegas Canaries are a team of people who live in the Canary Islands and we are very proud of our historical heritage and our traditions.

We like to use our lexicon and gives us a lot of grief that words like espadrille , tundish or buses are replaced by others from the peninsular Spain.

Any word we have been born as a project is The Talega. We are motivated to recover a tradition as is the bag of bread. Also today the sacks have many more uses, such as to keep the shoes in the suitcase.

Our goal is to raise awareness among young people in an ecological culture using materials that do not threaten the environment and consequently against ourselves.

We are in love with the Canary customs do not want to be lost.

Canary moneybags who we are 01

The team is led by Carmen Morales, sociologist.

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