Water Culture

At the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, of 1992 he first goes to declare 22 March World Water Day.

Lanzarote has had a deeply rooted culture of water due to its historical shortage. We found examples of architecture, cultural and social cisterns, alcogidas, Maretas, bernegales, Galleries, gabled houses, pipes, Gargoyles, vats, pipes or in professions such as water vendor who played in the doors of Arrecife selling the precious liquid.

Verses of songs like "You washed with water, it will overran the stew, can you put your lips, as pound cake " reproduce the reality of hardship. In times of drought, neighboring water were provided for sancohar potatoes or came a tanker, Las Palmas to supply the thirsty hutch island, leaving the water in the tank is at the front of the church of San Ginés.

Aware of this reality, marine engineer, Manuel Diaz Rijo, Natural Tinajo, creates a drinking sea water for human consumption and the island has since 1965 the first desalination of Spain and Europe.

Given that 1 in 10 people have no access to water are many inventions to obtain as mist collectors, machines that extracted directly from the air, the Fresh Water or Omniprocessor water extracting excreta.

Regardless of the technology, we believe that we can not forget the advice you have given us all focused our biggest savings liquid irreplaceable and above must continue instilling the culture of water to smaller.

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