Would launches the 'moneybag' project to reduce plastic consumption


The City of Haria, through the Department of Environment, coordinating Rosa María Pérez, has launched the project Talega, presented by sociologist Carmen Morales, "With the aim of gradually replacing plastic bags, contaminant compound oil-derived substances, it may take to degrade over half a century, seriously attacking the environment ".

For this, seeks to regain use moneybag, a bag made of fabric or wool for storing and transporting objects or food, whose size varied depending on the utility and the piece of scrap available for clothing. Until the early 70, its use was widespread among the inhabitants of the municipality, part of its history and traditional culture.

The Northern Consistory, "Committed to protecting the environment and safeguarding the craft and ethnographic heritage of the town, launched the first Craft and Traditional Market in 2001 ", highlighted.

The intent of the municipal corporation is "keep working on environmental protection, raising awareness among residents of the need to discard the use of plastic bags for their polluting effect and also achieving economic savings, since it is estimated that a person uses on average, three daily bag, representing an expenditure of about 15 euros a year ".

Precisely for this purpose, City Council replaced the traditional bags that are given to the runners made with synthetic material made from muslin other during the celebration of the running trails Would Extreme.

The next activity will be in the schools of the municipality, where each child is given a taleguita to carry your breakfast. Another planned actions, the distribution of sacks artisans post in Haria Artisan Market Saturday, as well as among different merchants and residents of the municipality.

For the councilor responsible, Rosa María Pérez, "With this initiative aims to residents of the municipality using the sacks to go to the store, as was formerly, raising awareness and go slowly to the population of the need to acquire healthy lifestyles in harmony with the environment ".

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