In Talegas Canary FAQ (Spanish translation of the English expression Frequently Asked Questions, whose acronym is FAQ; that is to say, “FAQ“), we detail the main questions asked, or could be, tips on this website.

01. What are Talegas? Talega is the name in the Canary Islands you tipped the bag before the onset of plastic. [+info].

02. Are you still using this word, TALEGA? Unfortunately it is deprecated, but with initiatives like this we are going to rescue so you do not miss. [+info].

03. What material were made the Talegas? Were made on a loom with sheep wool. Cloth, mainly loneta. Consistent fabric and hard. Besides fabric bags are reused potatoes, Call burlap to make Talegas. Another of the fabrics that were used to make these bags was the sacking of sugar or flour. In Canary bag is made with goat skin called Zurrón serving kneading gofio and to carry things.

04. ¿They varied the Talegas by occupation? And, each sector had its type of bag. We found the bag to store grains, chickpeas, lentils or beans. The fishermen had other sacks to carry seafood or when going fishing bait. The kids had a smaller bag to carry the clubs.

05. Why use talegas? Because we recover a Canarian tradition. Because we say NO to plastic as a petroleum, and because they are handmade, ecological and reusable. For more information click on the following link [+info].

06. How useful are the moneybags? Historically the sacks were used to go to buy bread, today also have more uses like wearing shoes in the suitcase, makeup, He Tablets, barriers to tender, wine bottles, jewelery, snack for school and so many others. For more information click on the following link [+info].

07. What are the benefits of using Talegas? Besides Canaria retrieve a piece of history, say no to plastic bags and saved.

08. What are the benefits of using Talegas? Recycling, reutilizo, I do not pollute. Environmental helped. Saving.

09. At what point what year was stopped using Talegas? The first plastic bags arrived in Spain in 1960 and from there marked the decline of Talega.

10. Is tendency to use cloth bags? Strongly hike is using cloth bags. We found many famous trendsetter by not using plastic products, such as Julia Roberts.

11. Can a bag be Fashion and modern? Absolutely yes. In fact we find designers who have launched a cloth bag with slogan that has become trend.

12. What is the most famous cloth bag? It is precisely that in which we read "I'm not a plastic bag".

13. Do sacks can personalizartelas? Yup. For more information click on the following link [+info].

14. Do all the sacks do the same size? Do Not. There are some standard sizes but can also be customized. Ask us how you want your bag. For more information click on the following link [+info].

15. What material can be the moneybags? Sequins, cotton, to, sweatshirt, Embroidered, baptist, pique or ribbed, to name a few can make all kinds of fabric.

16. What clothes can be recycled to make Talegas? Any article can give us option to create a moneybag but perhaps be the main star of each leg pants because we can go two or three sacks.

17. Do you need any special care? Washed and ironed like any other garment.

18. How old does a moneybag? His life is minimal 5 a 15 years old. Got a plastic bag to last you so much?

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