The draft recovery of sacks also arrives at school Arrieta

pdf_iconStudents of CEIP La Garita de Arrieta also know first hand, as they did the CEIP San Juan Haria, the project for the recovery of traditional cloth sacks, replacing plastic bags as pollutants.

To this end they moved last Friday, 14 November, Mayor of Haria, José Torres Stinga, Councillor for the Environment, Rosa Maria
Pérez, and the driving force behind this laudable initiative, sociologist Carmen Morales, who gave a talk entitled 'Talegas. Recovering a tradition '.
The purpose of these meetings, that happen in other centers, is to educate children need to acquire healthy habits, in perfect
harmony with the environment, and go gradually reducing the use of plastic bags. For it is given to each of the attendees a taleguita
to carry your breakfast daily.

The draft recovery of sacks arrives at school also Arrieta 01 The draft recovery of sacks arrives at school also Arrieta 02

The 'moneybag' project is coordinated by the City of Haria, through the Department of Environment, with the aim of gradually replacing
plastic bags derived from oil, it may take to degrade over half a century and seriously undermine the environment around us.

For this, seeks to regain use moneybag, a bag made of fabric or wool for storing and transporting objects or food, ranging in size
depending on the utility and the piece of scrap available for clothing. Until the early 70, its use was widespread among the inhabitants of the municipality, part of its history and traditional culture.

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