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We've made it with love and with great enthusiasm for the old cloth bag that we hung on the wall again look their best face and that our children know that is a bag.

Today the sacks have many uses, eg I usually wear shoes with heels and when I go to the airport and take me make a very unpleasant feeling as is clear from this vignette. Goodbye to glamor.

Welcome Canary sacks presentation 01

Wear a bag with flat shoes to pass the roll cage and put heels.

Welcome Canary sacks presentation 02

Other utilities is put in the bag underwear or take other Talega for used clothing.

We can keep pencils, pens, He Tablets, and the coleteros.

Welcome Canary sacks presentation 03


We may also bring in our talega our headphones, or save the obstacles Clothesline, or transport a bottle.

Canary sacks welcome 10 Canary sacks welcome 11 Canary sacks welcome 13

The… Why not keep tools in sacks?

Canary sacks welcome 12 Canary sacks welcome 14


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