Canary Talegas Agreement with the City of Teguise

On the morning of 15 January 2015 a meeting of the responsible technical area of ​​Environment of the Municipality of Teguise held, Councilwoman the same area and the coordinator of Talegas Canary, Carmen Morales, in the municipal.

During the meeting the motives and reasons for reusing Talegas and encourage the use of cloth bags among both younger as among older were exposed.

The municipality, former capital of the Canary Islands, comprises 22 peoples and the eighth island of La Graciosa, becoming a challenge by Talegas Canary them aware of the importance of reusing Talegas in our daily lives.

A responsible municipality they jumped at it and from the Environment area are aware of the dangers of using plastic bags and pollution that entails.

The first educational talks and workshops will be held at the Agricultural Market Tahíche, in Sociocultural Centers, with the artisans and open shopping area of ​​Teguise.

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